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Arby’s Returns To Midtown Manhattan, NYC

Arby’s Returns To Midtown Manhattan, NYC

After closing it’s doors in the Manhattan Mall food court in 2008, Arby’s sandwhiches are making it’s way back to Midtown, NYC.


The Georgia-based fast-food spot, which recently saw a 9.6 percent increase in the third quarter, is looking to keep the momentum going by opening up a new location in one of the Big Apple’s most trafficked areas. The new Arby’s flagship store will move to 40th street and 8th Avenue, joining the ranks of Steak n’ Shake and Chick-Fil-A. The privately-held fast-food eatery plans to transition into more of a deli, offering more meats and sandwhich creations.


Paul Brown, Chief Executive of Arby’s Restaurant Group, tells Time the company is track to generate $4 billion in sales across some 3,400 stores by 2018. And about 160 of those stores will be refurbished by the end of the year.

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