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Gettin’ High In VA – Elevation Burger

Gettin’ High In VA – Elevation Burger

I’ve been spending quite a bit more time in the Washington, D.C. area lately and I’m getting acquainted with the food scene little by little. While I’m definitely not bout that fast food shxt, I can’t dismiss the importance of a good burger. You can keep that McWhoppenator bullshxt, show me the good shxt; i’m talkin’ bout the grass-fed, burger-got-a-halo, fvck-a-ketchup good shxt. Without going that full blown restaurant route, Elevation Burger is ’bout that burger life without that $12 price tag.

Elevation Burger -Thomas A. Wilson Editorial PhotographyTheir company tagline states: “Ingredients Matter.” Elevation Burger, opened in 2005 by Hans and April Hess in Falls Church, VA, was birthed by Hans’ search for the perfect burger after moving from California in 1999. According to, these guys are “driven by a passion for good food that’s organic, sustainable and fresh.” Check, check and check on all accounts, ya bish!

Things have been so successful in fact, that there are 36 Elevation Burger franchises in 10 states with North Carolina on the docket for an opening later this year. I visited the Arlington, VA location which was a very bright and open concept space with seating for around 40 patrons in various table and counter settings. There’s a small bench seating area for customers waiting for their orders as well, a welcome addition that got plenty of use during my time inside. The venue was consistently packed with new faces, without affecting the quality of service each individual received.

While you may have a preconceived notion about what a burger joint is and what to expect from it, Elevation Burger seems to reformat the trade into a healthier, less guilty option in this emerging health-conscious market. Premium ingredients forge a simple menu with lots of choices for a variety of appetites, ranging from the obvious beef burgers to veggie patties, salads, fries (cooked in olive oil), milkshakes and cookies.

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