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Boston’s Grillo’s Makes Pickles Some Real Snack Shxt

Boston’s Grillo’s Makes Pickles Some Real Snack Shxt


If you’re interested in ordering some and aren’t close enough to make it to the Cambridge location, Grillo’s does accept online orders and they do a great job shipping. I received a huge box of their products in a refrigerated box, ensuring they were still nice and cold after crossing quite a few state lines. My advice is to get them into the fridge quickly though, who knows how long they’ll last in warmer weather!

The plastic container does a great job of keeping the pickles fresh and crisp (not like those limp ones you get in the sludgy yellow-green juice). Make sure you hear the “snap” when closing the container back to ensure a proper seal, they should last about a month if you close them all the way.


Grillo's Pickles - Product Information - Container Lid - Thomas A. Wilson


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