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Author: FabulousFaith

Chocolate Pumpkin Crispy Crunch Cake – by Fabulous Faith

Just in time for thanksgiving while you are sorting through grannies classic recipes selecting what sweets to prepare. Hmmmm… Pumpkin pie? Why? It’s boring and definitely not impressive to those critical guests who will be arriving shortly on your doorstep. Ahhhh, it’s Fabulous Faith to the rescue again with some “foreign aid” a culinary rescue of sorts.  How about this year you try out something different, this fabulous gift of a recipe from just north of the border in Toronto, Chocolate Pumpkin Crispy Crunch Cake with succulent cream cheese frosting!!! This healthy cake packed with nutritious oats and pumpkin...

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Quinoa Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette by Fabulous Faith

Quinoa that’s that bourgeois stuff right? You must of heard this magic stuff by now! It’s like that on fleek grain thing your conscious or yoga obsessed friend is always snacking on and yet you still haven’t bothered to try it! Why though, it doesn’t look that weird like most health food. You might be surprised quinoa tastes really good if you would just try, and best of all what they haven’t told you is this grain is a fruit, yes a FRUIT and you gotta eat fruit right? If you’re not sold by now then you’re obviously living...

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Spooky Sliders – By Fabulous Faith

What’s for dinner? And costumes and face painting. Then roaming up and down the neighborhood all evening and finally trying to get your sugar filled pumpkin off to bed. Yes, it’s that time of the year again! Happy Halloween Everyone! To assist you in maintaining that super-mom appearance I have created the following revolutionary burger and fry combo that can be easily prepared in minutes and decorated to wow even the pickiest eaters! Now introducing: The Spooky Slider Burger and Fries in One Bite? Yes it’s real! Ingredients: 1 package Sol Cuisine black bean and corn sliders OR ½...

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Shrimp Tacos at Bymark by Fabulous Faith

As I spend most of my downtown time in Yorkville I hadn’t had to the chance to check out Mark McEwan’s hidden gem on Wellington called Bymark. Located in Toronto’s financial district, which is most comparable to New York’s Wall Street, it bustles with fancy suits and pumps hustling in and out of bank towers and the underground maze that links this mini-city together. My friends and I arrived at The McEwan Groups spot just after the workday to find the patio filled with model like executives enjoying cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. We found a comfy corner booth and...

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Nitrogen Instant Ice Cream in Toronto by Fabulous Faith

What better treat on a hot summer’s day that creamy, cold delicious ice cream! Well unless you grew up with a dairy allergy like I did and then you may be filled with memories of upset stomach and hives. I ate it anyways, what child could resist! This year at the CNE, while wandering through the adult candy land called the food building, I saw a colorful booth with nitrogen steam seeping from colorful Kitchen aid mixers. I wondered just what were they could be concocting in this kitchen lab? As I approached I saw Eative’s sign’s with pictures...

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