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We're back for more fixins. It's Ray P and Bee scrapping plates all the way from Vegas. If you missed our first entry of "Table For Two" pause for a second and ketchup... Read here.

If you've been rocking with us we have a really good column for you today.

yougottaeatthis tablefortwo m-m las vegas soul food

M&M Soul Food
Panorama Shopping Center
3923 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 453-7685

First off, any spot serving Kool-Aid by the jar is a must... unless you're the bouchey type to drink with your pinky sticking out. Luckily, you're just like us.

Aside from the authentic Kool-Aid, the thing that sold me on M&M's is the fact that I once saw a pimp who dresses like Magic Don Juan hop out of really slick Caddy to sit down with one of his ladies for a meal. I'm serious too. My mind was blown. If a restaurant is good enough for a Pimp, it should be for us regular folk too.

And it was.

yougottaeatthis tablefortwo m-m las vegas soul food (3)

Country styled Meatloaf made with ground beef and served with M&M's World Famous Gravy
(1/2 order) + Mac&Cheese + Mashed Potatoes

I'm a huge meatloaf lover, let's get that clear. On this particular day I wasn't starvin' Marvin, but if I see meatloaf on the menu I will indulge. After my first bite I was kicking myself for not ordering a full serving. M&M's meatloaf is packed with flavor and that gravy boy... RALPH LEVEL! (Anytime you hear me rate something ralph level, just know Ralph Lauren is the Godfather)

Disclaimer: I do not enjoy my food drenched in gravy, but this time I did not mind at all.yougottaeatthis tablefortwo m-m las vegas soul food (7) yougottaeatthis tablefortwo m-m las vegas soul food (6)

This plate didn't last long after this photo was taken. No matter which restaurant I dine at, if they have Mac&Cheese on the menu you better believe it's going to be on my plate.

M&M Soul Food Cafe isn't about ordering crazy dishes, it's about southern classics. And in Vegas, this is one of the few authentic places to experience that good good.

Let's get on to Bee's plate. She was the hungry hippo this go around.

yougottaeatthis tablefortwo m-m las vegas soul food (2)
Fresh Fried Catfish + Red Beans & Rice + Greens + Mac&Cheese  

Bee wanted me to tell you guys that if you ain't eatin' like this at a Soul Food spot then you might as well leave!

Not only was her meal delicious, but the fish was the perfect amount of crispy and still really juicy. Bee says she's never had a true Soul Food experience in the South, but if its anything like we just had she's prepared to do damage.

She feels M&M's has a real mom and pop business feel from the environment to the accents on the servers and even the presentation of the food. I completely agree.

Last, but not least the food wasn't very salty and that's a good thing.

yougottaeatthis tablefortwo m-m las vegas soul food (5)   yougottaeatthis tablefortwo m-m las vegas soul food (8)

And now for the ratings...

Ray P rates the Meatloaf  4/5 Forks.
Bee rates the Fresh Crispy Catfish 4/5 Spoons.

PS: Bee isn't much of a writer so she typical orates and I get to typing, haha. I kind of forced her into this to be honest. Food dates are one of the moments that guarantees spending uninterrupted time together because of our busy schedules.

Drop a comment below or Tweet me @rayp_photos and let me know what you think about #TableForTwo at SkinnyFats

yougottaeatthis tablefortwo m-m las vegas soul food (9)

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