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Summertime Caprese

Summertime Caprese

Basically, this stuff can get you hooked. One of my roommates made it for a BBQ (I made Cajun Fries, cause we couldn’t be too healthy), and I couldn’t get enough. On the surface it’s so simple, it’s basically just cutting each tomato in half and mixing the ingredients. Season the salad with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and that’s it. Once you get take a few bites you realize Italy is has always been the perfect tasting country, and why the salad is sometimes called insalata tricolore, after the three colors of the Italian flag (also referring to avacado and red bell peppers that are sometimes mixed in as well). Not every country has a salad to represent it, but then again, not every country drenches every salad in ranch (you’ll find that I’m a staunch ranchaphobe). This is getting to be a bit of an ode to Italy, but why shouldn’t it be. The flavors mix so effortlessly in Caprese, that any bite gets you where you want to go. Pair it with a cold glass of Prosecco (my other favorite thing from Italy) and enjoy it on any occasion. Or no occasion at all.

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