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“Meet me at The Shanty”

“Meet me at The Shanty”
If you live on, or are a regular vacationer to the island of Martha’s Vineyard, then I am sure you know about The Seafood Shanty and all it has to offer.
Located right by the water (much like most restaurants on the island) in the heart of Edgartown, “The Shanty”, as the locals and frequent patrons have nicknamed it, is the go to spot for a crowd looking to dance, relax and enjoy fresh and local food.
During my visit, we went to The Shanty almost every night. When the weekend arrives, the tables clear out, the turntables come up and everyone puts on their dancing pants to let loose for a memorable night. The drinks, which enable you to let loose even more, are made to perfection. I would recommend a drink called “The Stumbling Islander”; the name speaks for itself.
Although the nightlife is great, especially for a young crowd (don’t try and use a fake here! They scan and double check I.Ds in order to prevent under-age drinking) the thing that kept me coming back for more was the delicious food, most notably the calamari.
(Blackened Cajun Mahi Mahi)
All my boyfriend could talk about before we got to the island was the calamari at The Shanty, so of course I had to try some, and I must say, it lived up to its hype. The calamari was crispy, fresh and full of flavor; highlighted by the thai chili dipping sauce which sets it apart from other calamari dishes. After trying calamari from several other restaurants on the island, I would say The Shanty wins hands down!
With the best calamari as an appetizer, I rounded my meal off with fresh mahi mahi and chased it all down with a delicious margarita.
So whenever you’re visiting The Vineyard, make sure you stop in to The Seafood Shanty to try the calamari, enjoy the nightlife and…….
….take a picture with the little statue of Ray Shanty.

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