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Fish & Sip Cafe

Fish & Sip Cafe

The majority of the interior walls of the Fish and Sip Café on Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn are painted a beautiful aqua blue that reminds you of an exotic ocean somewhere nice and sunny. There are also chocolate accent walls and two-person mahogany tables scattered about the small room. There’s not much to look at in terms of decor, but the single picture of Audrey Hepburn  somehow works and proves that most times, less is truly more.

I visited Fish & Sip during breakfast hours (breakfast is served from 7:00AM to 11:15AM) and decided to go with a Greek sandwich that only cost $4.99, and was well worth the five bucks as it was a healthy portion of egg omelet mixed with tomatoes, onions, feta cheese and mushrooms on pumpernickel bread covered with just the right amount of garlic mayo spread (I hate when people get happy with the mayo; for me a small drop is always plenty).

greek sandwich

My Greek sandwich was great but the soulful mix of music that played while I devoured my food was even better; artists like Jill Scott, Sade, Maxwell, Bob Marley and Alicia Keys were on rotation at a perfect volume that wasn’t too loud or overbearing, but loud enough for me to groove along while enjoying my meal.

As far as space goes, there were not many people dining so it was very  comfortable. There were a few people in and out, but besides that, myself and two elderly women who sat adjacent to the glass storefront windows looking out onto Flatbush Ave. were the only people in the cafe on a Friday morning.

Although I did not experience lunch or dinner at Fish and Sip, I’m sure if it is as anything like my Greek sandwich, you are in for a treat if you decide to stop by. Pastas, sandwiches (including a delicious-sounding avocado sandwich), spicy green corn, salads, and fish dishes like: red snapper, sea bass and tuna steak are all included. Reasonably priced coffee, cappuccino, smoothies and beer are a few of the  beverage choices.

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