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Wild Game Anyone?

Wild Game Anyone?

When you think wild game you usually think of things like elk, buffalo, wild boar right? Well this place has much more than that ranging from what I just listed to ostrich, camel, pheasant, antelope, vennison, kangaroo… and all the animals in the animal kingdom pretty much. This is from Sammy’s Wild Game grill in Houston, Tx.

What I ordered was the pheasant sausage dog, which is a chef favorite according to the menu. It sits pretty in a pretzel bun topped with my choices of 3 toppings which were feta cheese, jalapeños, onions. A special sauce being cilantro aioli, and deli mustard. I also was able to add some goat cheese as one of my buddies didn’t use his hence the overage of cheese on my dog. I also ordered a half order of their wild fries. This consisted of cheese, bacon, chives, and a fried egg… Yes a fried egg. I requested sweet potato fries instead you know… to balance out the healthiness of my meal and such. Typically they use their normal fries, but they’re good on special requests. Everything was great! The pheasant was lean, delicious, and not gamey at all. The pretzel bun is something that made totally blew my mind you and they use it on their burgers also!

If you’re looking for a new spot to try some out of the ordinary and healthier meat options definitely check this place out!

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