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The Sound Table Sounds Good.

When Atlantans think of The Sound Table, an eclectic mix of music comes to mind infused with a space that’s laid back and completely original.  Only to the naked eye of course…the little sister to Atlanta’s popular Top Flr, packs a pretty serious punch.  Owners Darren Carr, Jeff Myers and DJ Karl Injex certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to uniting good food, specialized cocktails and dynamic tunes.


Their menu changes occasionally to accommodate seasonal ingredients, but also to fill their desire of keeping it interesting.  I love when restaurants take on this concept; it shows they’re not afraid to have fun and introduce new dishes.  With an intriguing mix of Asian and Latin American themes, you can expect to find small plates that aren’t shy when it comes to flavor.  Sound Tables chef, Shane Devereux, certainly knows what he’s doing.

I had tried their Chorizo Shrimp Tacos on my first visit and was in heaven!  This time however, I came in with a mission to try their famous Belgian Frites (with homemade mayo, of course) and an interesting twist on classic Shrimp and Grits.  The fries were seasoned well and cut thick, but just slightly on the soft side.  I like a little crisp to mine, but that’s just me.  The mayonnaise on the other hand, was top notch!  Creamy, not overwhelming and with a surprising citrus twist, it complimented the fries very well.


There may not be enough words to adequately describe how wonderful the Shrimp and Grits were, but it definitely had me savoring every bite!  Why did I not think of adding Parmesan to grits?  The saltiness of the cheese combined with a spicy andouille style sausage, had my taste buds in overload!  I was in heaven.  Chef Shane Devereux is no stranger to the world and all of it’s beautiful flavors.  He has an uncanny way of pairing food and this dish is proof!


I’ll have to do a post on the drink menu, but that alone will be a feat in itself.  Might have to bring some friends for that because a girl, at a bar, trying all the drinks doesn’t look like it’ll end too well.  With that said, if you’re cruising late night in Atlanta and happen to be near Edgewood, please do yourself a favor and stop by Sound Table.  Not only will your taste buds thank you, but so will your ears.

Check them out at: or follow them on Twitter (@TheSoundTable)

483 Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30312

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