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Started Out At 1OAK…Ended Up At Artichoke.



After a great night of standing on couches, pointing at random people while your song plays at ignorant levels and you find yourself dropping down to get your eagle on it’s only right to stuff your face right? On this particular night I was excited about going to party at 1 OAK. I heard it was the place to be and it had been awhile since I had been out. Drake had recently dropped Nothing Was The Same and I had to hear Worst Behaviour loud. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to hear that but several other songs played that I enjoyed.

Now on to the food. Mareena’s cool friend Lea told me it was a MUST to eat at Artichoke. As always, I’m hungry, she even suggested going before the club but said it tasted better afterwards. So while dancing to my favorite songs I kept thinking about the pizza.

Finally, it was time. We ordered the signature…artichoke and cheese pizza. Next thing you know I was in a new world filled with cheese, crispy crust and artichoke. I even started to eat the pizza slower as we got in the taxi because I really wanted to savor the taste. The cheese was so soft and rich I kept thinking I should have got some to take home. As I type this I keep thinking I need to go back. I think I need to ASAP!

Artichoke Pizza

114 10th Ave.

Next to 1OAK 17th Street, NYC

Updates: Artichoke Pizza is also located in Laguardia Airport!



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