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An Nhau “To Eat, Drink, and Celebrate”

An Nhau “To Eat, Drink, and Celebrate”


The last Vietnamese experience, I had was something out of a foreign film. It was located in Elmhurst, Queens and I sat at a round table with local random people, who didn’t speak a lick of English. An Nhau is the total opposite. The serene ambiance definitely sets the mood to indulge in authentic tasting native dishes. I was totally impressed with how attentive the staff was.

The Beef Skewers were so succulent and tender, once my entree came out my tastebuds were open. My foodie partner in crime, Flower ordered the Chicken Curry. Lets just say, it topped mine! I’ve eaten a lot of different types of curries, but this gravy was thick, hearty, spicy and sweet all in the same bite. The Margarita was on the strong side without being overbearing. If you’re ever in the Northside of Williamsburg, this spot is worth a shot!


Chicken Curry


Skirt Steak & Vermicelli Noodles

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