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Cutty Sark Whisky Taps Generic Surplus To Create New Sneaker

Cutty Sark Whisky Taps Generic Surplus To Create New Sneaker

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In 1923, Cutty Sark took over the spirits industry. Now, the iconic blended scotch whisky brand’s interests lies elsewhere — this time in fashion. Bartenders of all over the country can now look hella fresh as they serve up one of the world’s finest single-malts, thanks to a new limited-edition Hi-Top silhouette handcrafted by Generic Surplus, an independent sneaker company based in Los Angeles.


The sneaker takes design cues from jobbing bartends, and is remixed with Cutty Sark’s iconic color palette for a fresh take on the Generic Surplus Hi-Top model, capturing the essence of the new Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition whisky – a whisky handcrafted from top quality grain and single malt whiskies and bottled at 100 proof. Merging comfort and wearability with understated style, the sneaker features a black leather upper, accented by pops of off-white and yellow, resting atop a non-slip vulcanized sole that will keep you stuck to that bar-mat, skateboard or rooftop…or any of life’s less travelled surfaces.

Finished with an off-white canvas lining with yellow pinstripes, in a nod to the original green glass Cutty Sark whisky bottle, the Cutty Sark Clipper is also subtly embossed on the sneaker’s tongue. The sneaker will be sold exclusively at KITH (New York) and on for $149.99.

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