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Coffee Company Lets You Drink Designer

Coffee Company Lets You Drink Designer

You love labels. We get it. You love GG. You love CC. You love LV. :Young Dro voice: The next time you’re layering your Fendi belt and scarf combo (not from Barney’s we hope) with your Purple Label chinos, brew up a cup of Compelling & Rich‘s luxury coffee to boost your steez to a thousand. This California based brand prides themselves on bringing a high-end coffee experience to aficionados hunting the freshest, most premium products.

My Sumatra Aceh Takengon bag was delivered labeled as lot 34 of 50, ensuring the freshness from these internationally sourced beans. The luxe packaging is reminiscent of the Louis Vuitton “LV” monogram, a nice touch that helps to push the high end feel of the brand. The amount of care and effort that is put into each bag comes through in the quality of the product; you’ll be hard pressed to find an exclusive luxe food product with this type of availability and at this price point.

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After grinding up the beans for my first cup, I drank it black with a little sugar to keep from tasting things that I could have added to the flavor profile. My initial cup blew me away; the thickness and dark fruit flavors are far from anything you’ll pick up at Starbucks. The flavors that beer drinkers identify with the belgian quad style should love this coffee, though the nose is a bit misleading. You get way more cocoa and much less fruit in this blend. One would expect coffee to be lacking in the sweetness department, but you’d be off base in this instance. I instantly regretted adding my teaspoon of sugar as the blend stood well on its own! The creamer and 4 tablespoons of sugar crowd should still enjoy this product, but they might want to tone things back a little to let the


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The best part of this company isn’t the product, and that’s the crazy part. Check out their website where they drop this bit of knowledge: “Compelling and Rich is dedicated to donating a portion of our proceeds to the Coffee Kids nonprofit, a charity which works to offer healthcare, education, and economic opportunities in coffee-farming communities.”

Talk about a company you can get behind; who doesn’t love contributing to a great cause while getting something dope yourself out of the deal? The owners of C&R want you to grab some of their stuff and let them know what you think, so they’ve offered YGET readers $3 off any bag plus free shipping when you enter “YGET” at checkout. Tell ’em Thomas sent you!


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