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Shot Caller: Chocolate Candy With a ’90s Flow

Shot Caller: Chocolate Candy With a ’90s Flow

Oregon’s Legit Organics looks back to the era of Puffy’s shiny suits for the new Shot Caller candy bar. A self-described remix of the chocolate, caramel, peanuts and nougat notes of a Snickers, the Shot Caller contains only slightly fewer calories, fat and sugar when compared to the original. But unlike the Snickers, it’s organic and has no hydrogenated oils, artificial ingredients or GMO weirdness.

The milk chocolate tastes like chocolate instead of cocoa butter and lecithin and the overall impression is of a cleaner junk food product. Legit also produces a fine version of a Three Musketeers called Word which tastes better than the original, particularly if you’re a fan of the pronounced hints of malt in the chocolate nougat. The bars have just debuted in Southern California and can’t yet be ordered online, but they’re too good to stay in that region for long.

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