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French Macarons: Ou La La!

French Macarons: Ou La La!


March 20th is International French Macarons Day. Don’t feel slighted, we just found out ourselves! Since these small almond meringues have stirred quiet a frenzy among foodies in the past couple of years, we decided to take a deeper look at the tasty treats as well as to what NYC bakers have to offer to celebrate this day. Get the details after the jump:

Made of almond flour, confectioner sugar and egg whites, these VERY French cookies come in a never ending range of flavors and colors: there’s nothing prettier than a macaron bakery display! Also, since they are flourless, macarons are GLUTEN FREE!!!! There are conflicting theories regarding the origins of macarons. Somehow, the French took credit and claim that the first macaron was baked in a French convent in 791.

Macaron Tree by Bryon Summers

Photo by Bryon Summers


Mastering the basic technique to make macarons is no walk in the park. These light cookies require lots of care and attention; pastry chefs and bakers have spent years trying to perfect their macarons and develop new flavors. Sifting flour and whipping egg whites may sound easy, but when it comes to macarons it all becomes a labor of love. As a matter of fact, all macarons are made by hand! Unlike any other baked dessert there is no electric mixer that can whip this very special batter, hence the lofty price tag in comparison to what you receive. The average price of one macaron in NYC is $2.50. Yes, $2.50 for a bite and a half!


Macaron Menu - Bryon Summers

Photo by Bryon Summers


We decided to visit three macaron shops in NYC that offer three distinctive takes on the fancy sweet:


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