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Pop Pub…Not For Burgers But the Fried Sugar Donuts.

Pop Pub…Not For Burgers But the Fried Sugar Donuts.


The Feast: Hot Donuts (Fried Sugar Donuts)

The Restaurant: Pop Pub

The Location: Union Square x NYC

The Beverage: Framboise Lambic (Cherry Flavored)

Throughout the years I may have worn out Pop Burger. So I turned around and starting going to Pop Pub! Same thing right? Wrong! Well ehhh, the ambiance is a little different and it’s all about the beer. When beer is offered I only go for my favorite…Framboise Lambic! I had the Framboise Lambic, cheese Tots and this time and for the first time, Hot Donuts.

I was excited that they came with strawberry jam and a hot chocolate dip as well. Not to mention they were warm, sweet and took me for a true mouth adventure. Then I thought to myself…what’s the difference between these and fried donuts from the Chinese buffet. The answer was the dipping sauces. But, I admit, they were worth every penny because I still had some left over the next day and they were still tasty.


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