Bad Boy Burgers in Toronto! CNE 2K15 – By Fabulous Faith

Hello my fellow Foodies,

It’s that magical time of year again when Toronto’s Exhibition place is loaded with rides, music, excitement and all that awesome fair stuff.  But for foodies like us the real attraction is the FOOD BUILDING. A giant complex loaded with premium vendors offering new and exciting creations to tantalize your palette.

Last year, I wrote of Fran’s Magical Christmas Dream Stuffing Waffle, a plate of dream-come-true.  And for this year, oh-this YEAR there will be no disappointment! So without further adieu, I present to you submission 1: Bub’s Bad Boy Burger.

Brought to you by Bub’s Bad A$$ Burger we find the marriage of  a spicy cheese beef burger, pepper jack cheese, honey garlic fried chicken,  wasabi cucumber, hickory sticks, tomato, sriracha mayo and zingy buttermilk coleslaw all piled as delicately as possible between two Jamaican beef patties.

Welcome to the 6, we have abandoned the bun for cultural reasons.


Fabulous Faith