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Take a Roll with Foodie Dice

Take a Roll with Foodie Dice

Are you getting tired of cooking the same meals over and over again? Do you lack creativity? Are all those Pinterest recipes not turning out like the picture?

Well, you are just in luck. There so happens to be a solution to all your food problems and it’s called Foodie Dice.

How it works:

Foodie Dice are dice that have various ingredients on them to help you get out of your cooking rut or just learn new meals to cook.

The complete set comes with five main dice that are: meat, grains/carbs, cooking methods, herbs, and a bonus ingredient. It also comes with four seasonal dice that have spring, summer, winter, and fall veggies on them. For those seasonal dice you just choose whichever season you are currently in and roll that one.

You can choose all of the dice or just a select few that you want to use. Put the dice in your tumbler, give it a little shake, and then roll to see what creation you will be making. There are over 186,000 possible meal combinations to inspire you.

The best part about Foodie Dice is that nothing is set in stone. If you don’t like what you roll, then roll again. If you already have one ingredient but want inspiration on new ways to use it, then just roll what you want.

What’s also great is that if you happen to roll all the same dice twice, then it gives you a chance to be more creative and figure out a way to make a whole new dish with the same ingredients! Foodie Dice really helps to expand your cooking experience. Who knows, you might even make a creation that becomes your signature dish.

My Creations:

I decided to make whatever Foodie Dice had in store for me. No changing ingredients or rolling again. I wanted it to challenge me in case I got something I had never cooked before. Below are my three creations that were inspired by Foodie Dice.

YouGottaEatThis - Foodie Dice - Jewel - 1

For my first creation I rolled Asparagus, Polenta, Pan Fry, Beef, Onions, and Rosemary. I decided to make rosemary polenta with sauteed asparagus, onions, and pan cooked sirloin steak. To be honest, even though I love cooking and pride myself on having cooked a lot of various things – I had never cooked a steak before! This was my first time ever cooking and eating my own steak, and I have to say it was delicious. It was also my first time making polenta! So many firsts for me from just this one roll. The dish was amazing and I was definitely addicted to Foodie Dice after this…

YouGottaEatThis - Foodie Dice - Jewel - 2

For my second creation I rolled Quinoa, Dill, Chicken, Pan Fry, Spinach, and Bacon. I decided to make pan cooked lemon-dill chicken on a bed of quinoa mixed with bacon and sauteed spinach. It was heavenly. I had never added ingredients to my quinoa before. I usually just eat it plain, but it was fantastic! I also used egg and bread crumbs to coat my chicken before frying and it was perfect. Once again Foodie Dice, you are making me a better cook!

YouGottaEatThis - Foodie Dice - Jewel - 3

For my third and last creation I rolled Pork, Rosemary, Mushrooms, Quinoa, Peas, and Roast/Bake. I made baked rosemary pork chops, pesto quinoa, and sauteed mushrooms and snap peas. This was actually the first time I had ever cooked with pesto! To think I have been missing out on pesto my whole life! Great job again Foodie Dice for making me put my creative hat on.

To sum it up –  Foodie Dice is the perfect gift. Buy it for yourself, for the foodie who has everything, or really anyone. If you are just starting to cook, have been cooking since you were five, or just want some new ideas, then Foodie Dice will benefit you. It gives you a chance to play with your food and let your imagination run wild. All those standard recipes you used to follow will bore you. Now you will be so excited to roll your Foodie Dice each night to see what creation you can come up with.

To find out more information, check out their channels below:

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Twitter: @FoodieDice


Instagram: @FoodieDice

Also, if you have Instagram, be sure to upload and tag your photos #InspiredbyFD to showcase your Foodie Dice creations!

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