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Blue Star Donuts

Blue Star Donuts

Calling all donut lovers: Blue Star Donuts is not your average donut shop. You will try flavors you didn’t know existed. You will want to go there every day. Your world will be rocked.

I was excited to try Blue Star after hearing so many good things about them. Some reviews even said they were better than Voodoo. I had to try it for myself.

I discovered that:

1. All of their donuts are made fresh every single day.

2. Their fruit fillings and glazes are organic.

3. They only cook in rice oil.

4. The donuts are glazed to order – meaning it tastes so fresh and you won’t be wondering how long they’ve been sitting there.

All of that equals amazing donuts that taste like they were made just for you.


This is the Blueberry Bourbon & Basil. This was probably my least favorite, but for all you fruit lovers this donut was made for your taste buds. I could definitely taste the blueberry and basil, but it was just too tangy for me.


This is the Chocolate Almond Ganache. So good. If you are a chocolate addict like me you will love this donut. Since it was glazed to order the chocolate was so creamy and magical.


This one first caught my eye because it has blackberry in it, my favorite. This is their Blackberry Compote with PB Powder. Basically, if you are craving a PB & J sandwich, then this is your donut.

The PB powder was perfect and not overbearing. The blackberry was fantastic. This was one of my favorites.

lemonI’m a sucker for lemon filled donuts. This here was the best one I’ve ever tried. I mean it. This is their Meyer Lemon & Key Lime Curd. It was perfection.


Last but not least, MY FAVORITE DONUT: Dulce De Leche & Hazelnut. This one was by far the best out of all of them. It had the perfect amount of sweetness and I didn’t feel like crap after I ate it.

I wish I had ordered a whole box, but then again I would be 15 lbs heavier…

To sum it up – Blue Star is amazing. Do I think it’s better than Voodoo? No. Do I think Voodoo is better? No. Both shops offer different, amazing new flavors and varieties on old favorites.

 I will say I prefer a just glazed donut to any other donut and that their chocolate ganache is out of this world – but I wouldn’t say as a whole they are the best donut shop I’ve been to.

With that being said, I most definitely think you should check out Blue Star if you are ever in Portland.

They are located at: 1237 SW Washington St, Portland OR

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