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Redneck Wellington – 80/20 Burger Bar

Redneck Wellington – 80/20 Burger Bar


The Redneck Wellington at 80/20 Burger Bar is far and beyond any expectation you may have for a standard hamburger dish. This was the best burger I’ve ever had, bar none. Trill shxt, 80/20 is probably the best place to venture into gourmet culinary eating for an untraveled foodie. Your buddy that turns their nose up at pattè and reductions can easily be tricked into expanding their palate here.


The most unique thing about the Redneck Wellington wasn’t the flavor, nor the ingredients used; I was floored by the texture of this thing! It can only be ordered medium rare, but once you taste the finished product, it becomes extremely obvious as to why. Also, by losing the bun and going with a very well crafted pastry, the focus is quickly shifted to the featured ingredients while teasing your mouth with a bit of a mindfvck in the texture department. Where the Wellington shines is in the careful selection of complimentary flavors that meshes with the unusual texture; a simple preparation yeilding complex flavors. The mushroom duxelles (not as fancy as it sounds, just minced mushrooms reduced in butter and/or cream to a paste like consistency) adds a welcome platform to elevate the flavors of the soft, medium rare beef. These deep flavors are then offset by the sharpness of the bourbon mustard and creamy, mild tanginess of the goat cheese. I literally can’t say enough about how unbelievably epic this burger is.


Redneck Wellington - 80/20 Burger Bar - Thomas A. Wilson


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