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“PETE’S PREMIUM PASTA SAUCE” A 100 Year Old Family Recipe

“PETE’S PREMIUM PASTA SAUCE” A 100 Year Old Family Recipe

One of my favorite aspects about business is learning the story of a company. It not only tells it’s history, but their journey as well. How a company was created and the foundation it was built on, inspire the product(s) that are shared with the world.

Pete’s Premium Pasta Sauce is an excellent example of this. Born and perfected in Brooklyn, NY. Pete’s Premium Pasta Sauce is a 100 year old recipe that’s been passed down from generation to generation. Originally created by his Grandfather this delicious marinara sauce has been a staple at Gibaldi family dinners for over a century! A family tradition that has stood the test of time. 

Premium Pete is a man of many talents. Known from hosting a highly successful podcast called The Premium Pete Show; Peter Gibaldi aka Premium Pete was also a co-host on the iconic Combat Jack Show. His passion for storytelling & food eventually led him to create the website YouGottaEatThis! with Bun B, a hub where foodies can unite, enjoy stories, recipes, and photos all about food!

Fun Fact: The original sauce pot used by Grandpa Premium. To this day Pete’s Premium Pasta Sauce is created in this pot.

“Growing up Italian in Brooklyn, Sunday dinners brought the whole family together!” Pete continues; “I’ll never forget that feeling of bonding. My Grandparents sauce was a staple in the family that could never be beat. This generational recipe was passed down to me and now I’m passing it onto you.”

Pete’s passion for food was the motivation for Pete’s Premium Pasta Sauce. After the passing of his Grandfather, his Grandmother continued the tradition. Sadly, the matriarch of the family #GrandmaPremium passed away on November 18th 2019. The release of Pete’s Premium Pasta Sauce will commemorate her legacy and the 100 year old recipe! 

Pete’s Premium Pasta Sauce is available now @ 

“From My Family To Yours, Enoy!”Premium Pete

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