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IMG_3616“I love it when people talk about my BALLS” – Chef Bill Bruening

The You Gotta Eat This team traveled to sunny downtown Las Olas to visit the infamous Fork and Balls Kitchen. Word on the street is that Fork and Balls does not make your Grandmothers meatballs,  rather your Grandmothers meatballs on STEROIDS! So we had to give them a try.
We arrived at Fork and Balls and was greeted with a smile by the wonderful Manager Jillian.  We were handed a few menus and told to choose whatever caught our eye.  After scanning my menu I immediately realized that I was in for a treat. A treat indeed, the menu listed Buffalo Chicken Balls, Stuffed Short Rib Balls, and a host of other creations that were born straight out of the head of Chef Bill himself.
After a quick introduction from Jillian, Chef Bill came over to our table with the glow of a Meatball god (if a Meatball god exists) and introduced himself. Chef Bill’s introduction wasn’t a normal greeting, he introduced himself BALL first (lol).  After we shared our menu interest, Chef pointed out a few items from the menu that were highlights and crowd favorites. I then asked Chef Bill about the buffalo chicken meatballs that I came across online……Chef Bills face instantly lit up with a smirk as if I had inquired about his secret weapon… And so it began………..
Buffalo Chicken Balls
Tender & juicy chicken meat balls topped with buffalo sauce and blue cheese. Chicken wings might have a competitor!


Check out our Buffalo chicken meat balls video in Instagram below!


Short Rib Meat Balls

Short rib stuffed balls, creamy polenta, ricotta, roasted tomato sauce. When you bite into one of these expect for the tender Short rib to send your taste buds into overdrive!IMG_3618

Chicken Parm Smash

Well this falls under the sandwich category…

Chicken balls, roasted tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil on a soft warm garlic brioche roll. Its really chicken parm on like you’ve never had it. 


We had a great time over at Fork and Balls! The food was off the charts! Chef Bill, Jillian, Nikki and staff embraced the team with a warm welcome and treated us like family! We truly enjoyed our visit.  Be sure to stop by and have some of the best balls hands down when you’re in Ft.Lauderdale! 1301 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. WORD IS OUT! FORK AND BALLS KITCHEN IS YOU GOTTA EAT THIS APPROVED! 

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