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Fowl Play Sauce

Fowl Play Sauce

I’m big on sauce. The messier the meal the better. If there’s something that can be added to a dish to enhance it, I’m all about it. Sprinkle it, pour it, drench it, but just as long as it makes the dish better.

I was given some Fowl Play Sauce from the Fowl Play Food Truck located in Baltimore, Maryland. I had heard the sauce was quite good on burgers, fries, chicken, and anything you would put ketchup or BBQ sauce on. The sauce is a homemade, natural, and gluten free product that was designed by Executive Chef, Gary Brooks.

The sauce itself is unique in flavor and I had a hard time pinning down words to describe it. There was a definite tangy taste to the sauce, as well as a underlying sweet flavor. I hadn’t tasted anything like it.



The first thing I wanted to try the sauce on was some wings. Their Instagram pictures of wings coated in sauce looked amazing.

Just as I thought, it did not disappoint. These wings were SO good with the sauce on them! I didn’t add too much sauce on top after they came out, but instead baked the wings covered in the sauce.


The next meal I tried was cooking some chicken with the sauce and making a wrap. The sauce provided a much needed kick to the wrap instead of just having some plain, boring chicken inside.



Even though I did love the sauce cooked with some chicken, I did not find the sauce very appetizing cold or room temp. I had dipped some fries and chicken tenders into the sauce and it really didn’t do much for me. I would’ve preferred ketchup or a more traditional BBQ sauce.

Now, it could just be personal preference and I’m sure hundreds of people really enjoy the sauce any way it’s served, but for me the sauce was best when it was cooked or a marinade for meat.

With that being said, I do think everyone should try this sauce at least once and stop by the Fowl Play Food Truck to taste their delicious food combinations on their menu.

If you are not in Baltimore then you are in luck because you can order the sauce online here.

Be sure to checkout their Facebook page for any information on new places they are serving.

Happy saucing!


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