Nitrogen Instant Ice Cream in Toronto by Fabulous Faith

What better treat on a hot summer’s day that creamy, cold delicious ice cream! Well unless you grew up with a dairy allergy like I did and then you may be filled with memories of upset stomach and hives. I ate it anyways, what child could resist!

This year at the CNE, while wandering through the adult candy land called the food building, I saw a colorful booth with nitrogen steam seeping from colorful Kitchen aid mixers. I wondered just what were they could be concocting in this kitchen lab?

As I approached I saw Eative’s sign’s with pictures of what seemed to be some kind of instant ice cream. But what was it? Should I even bother to stop with no lactaid in my purse? As I got closer I saw the menu listed four flavors: passion fruit & guava, tangerine & orange, pineapple & mango and young berry cranberry, so I questioned the staff about the ingredients. To my surprise the owner informed me that he had come up with a formula that turns all natural fruit puree into fat-free, dairy-free ice cream!

I started with passion fruit & guava which was exciting to my pallet, perfectly balanced; sweet, creamy and tart. As a chef, I thought immediately how Eative’s products would make a perfect pallet cleanser between courses or the base of an awesome cocktail. Next the owner made me his special custom blend, a mixture of tangerine & orange and pineapple & mango. It was like a vacation in my mouth, reminiscent of the Caribbean, bright bold exotic flavors that cover your whole mouth. The texture is exactly the same as ice cream but Eative packs a bolder, richer flavor.   And with no dairy, fat or preservatives, it’s totally guilt free so YOU GOTTA EAT THIS!