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Cooking with Himalayan Salt Blocks

Cooking with Himalayan Salt Blocks

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Cooking and curing foods with salt blocks is probably not the most common way of preparing dishes in the Western Hemisphere, but the technique has been an integral part of food preparation and preservation for centuries.

Himalayan salt in particular emerges from the highest picks in Pakistan in the form of gigantic rocks that are cut and shaped to facilitate its use for cooking and curing. Himalayan salt blocks are made of 100% pure salt that contains tons of minerals. That’s why it is sometimes referred to as “white gold” because of its many health benefits. It is in fact known to improve circulation, to help in the prevention of cellulite and to keep balanced Ph, among other things.

In the kitchen, foods cooked on salt blocks absorb the right amount of salt and minerals resulting in perfect seasoning.

We used a salt block of pink salt to cook and season chicken on the grill. The chicken should be rubbed with just herbs and other non-savory spices. The brick will do the rest. I personally used the brick as a press; the alternative way is to heat the brick on the grill (or stove burner) and sear meat or fish on top of it. The result is pretty awesome: great flavor and very juicy bites. Room temperature salt platters are great for serving sashimi type of dishes.

Cooking with salt blocks (photo 1)

The block, if treated with care after use, can last a long time (over 20 uses.) After cooking, let it cool off and wipe it clean with a wet sponge. Salt has strong antimicrobial properties, therefore no need for detergents.


We found our salt block at The Meadow, 523 Hudson Street in NYC


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