Boston’s Grillo’s Makes Pickles Some Real Snack Shxt


The mere mention of pickles conjures up all types of phallic jokes and pause-worthy quotes to most of us out here. That is, until you try an Italian Dill from Boston’s Grillo’s Pickles, an authentic brand that is more substance than sparkle. These pickles come from a 100-year-old Italian family recipe and are easily far above and beyond anything you’ll find in your local grocer’s glass jars.

I recently talked with Grillo’s Pickles owner Travis Grillo about how his budding behemoth grew from a guy in a pickle suit with a pickle cart to pushing crazy weight through big name vendors like Whole Foods and others.

Grillo’s makes fresh, hand-made & all natural italian style dill pickles in both regular and hot varieties. My personal experience with both styles was nothing short of mind-blowing. Before I get descriptive, I have to enact the no-pause clause for the remainder of this post.


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With that out of the way, Grillo’s is taking over the pickling market with some delicious and unique offerings. What may not be available in a variety of locations throughout the Boston area is sold at the Grillo’s store front that sells over 20 types of pickled products, including green tomatoes, asparagus, red seedless grapes and a cauliflower mix that is fvcking epic!



The Pickle Cart is still used today, showing up various places in the general Boston area to push spears and other offerings to the masses while providing a hell of a deal. I mean, 2 spears for $1 is some king snack shxt!


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The quality of the ingredients used in each container of Grillo’s is what makes these things so dope. I can’t think of many food products that don’t taste better (and are better for you) when using fresh, all natural ingredients. Grillo’s pickles are made from “scratch” using hand picked cucumbers, spring water and garden grown herbs. You can taste each ingredient used and the crunch of each bite gets addicting. I’m a huge texture guy and Grillo’s delivers spear after spear of crunchy, salty, pickly awesomeness. Salute the gawd!

The hot variety, pictured below, contains both jalapeno and habanero peppers shipped in each container, adding a spicy kick to each bite. Even those who aren’t spice fanatics can appreciate the taste though. It’s a numbing buzz, not a painful throb; they’re a great substitute for caffeine or candy if you’re looking for a pick me up.



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If you’re interested in ordering some and aren’t close enough to make it to the Cambridge location, Grillo’s does accept online orders and they do a great job shipping. I received a huge box of their products in a refrigerated box, ensuring they were still nice and cold after crossing quite a few state lines. My advice is to get them into the fridge quickly though, who knows how long they’ll last in warmer weather!

The plastic container does a great job of keeping the pickles fresh and crisp (not like those limp ones you get in the sludgy yellow-green juice). Make sure you hear the “snap” when closing the container back to ensure a proper seal, they should last about a month if you close them all the way.



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We’ve got more Grillo’s swag coming, including more about the bearded boss (no Rawse) behind the empire, top pickle snack ideas and a look into some of the current craziness Travis is cooking up in his lab, so keep your eyes open fam!


Grillo’s Pickles


1075 Cambridge Street.
Cambridge, MA

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Twitter / IG: @GrillosPickles


Store Hours

Tue-Sat: 11-7
Sun: 11-5
Mon: Closed


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