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I Quit Being a Vegetarian for This!

I Quit Being a Vegetarian for This!


So I have a confession, I broke my vegetarian streak in Portland, Oregon… Oh the Irony. I finally visit the one place where vegetarians are superstars, hometown heroes, and where food products are all organic everything. BUT it was time to move onto the next chapter. I consciously made the decision that Portland’s food scene was more than worthy of introducing me back into the world of meat. For my first non-vegetarian meal I had to make sure it was something extremely tasty, but as an ode to Portland, I also had to make sure it was environmentally conscious. With this said, I began my treasure hunt.

Jody, my awesome friend who hosted my visit to Portland, took me to the infamous Portland Farmers Market. During our trip we visited many stands that featured organically grown products. I tasted everything from locally grown peaches to organic honey beer! Even those these stands featured so many amazing vegetarian options, I was on the search for the perfect non-vegetarian meal. We finally made our way to a stand called “Pine State Biscuits.” Pine State Biscuits, which is also now a restaurant, features a southern style cuisine. For those who don’t know, southern cuisine is my weak spot. Once I took a look at their menu, I immediately knew that I finally found my perfect place!

I ended up ordering this…

Image 1

This beauty is named “The Reggie Deluxe.” Atop the biscuit lays fried chicken, bacon, cheese, an egg, and sausage gravy… This was such a delicious combination! I must say that the sausage gravy is pure crack, I literally need this to be on every meal that I have from here on out.

As promised, Pine State Biscuits prioritizes sustainability. Their chicken is all natural and free-range. I must thank Pine State Biscuits for cooking me the perfect meal. Pine State Biscuits is #YouGottaEatThis certified!

Visit Pine State Biscuits at the Portland Farmers Market: 717 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR 97201

Visit Pine State Biscuits’ amazing restaurant: 2204 NE Alberta St  Portland, OR 97211

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