Juice Hugger Cafe: Brooklyn’s Gem

One of my goals this summer is to eat healthier and to acheive a more balanced diet. This is quite an ambitious goal for living in New York given the fast pace environment and the $1 pizza places on nearly every street corner!

However, I finally found the perfect spot that not only serves healthy and organic food options, but a place that also educates its customers on healthy living habits. Starting as an online juice company, Juice Hugger has expanded its talents to opening up an amazing cafe located in Brooklyn. Juice Hugger Cafe sells its one of kind homemade organic juices while also serving a selection of organic food options. Furthermore, the members of the Juice Hugger family, all wear positive energy that each customer can feel upon entering the cafe.

During my visit to Juice Hugger, I tried many of their vegetarian and vegan friendly dishes. For starters I had the Vegan Chili. The soy chorizo was the perfect substitute for meat and tasted fantastic! As a former meat eater, I couldn’t tell the difference between a meat option and the soy chorizo! The chili had many other tasty ingredients such as quinoa, which served as a lovely compliment to the soy chorizo.

I then tried the best black bean burger I’ve ever had in my entire life. Juice Hugger’s black bean burgers are hand made and perfectly soft. The texture of the burger makes it taste smooth while the vegenaise provides a delicious dairy free alternative to regular mayonaise. The dairy free soy cheese was also to die for and melted perfectly into the texture of my black bean burger. I have never felt more passionate about a burger ever before, it was so mouth watering and definitely puts every other vegetarian burger to shame.

Black Bean Burger

After the irresistible black bean burger, I enjoyed a few of Juice Hugger’s desserts. These desserts were quite a standout because they were gluten free. Juice Hugger found the exact formula for making a gluten free dessert taste spectacular; I enjoyed every bite of Juice Hugger’s chocolate chip cookie drop, oatmeal raisin drop, and coconut almond macaroon. These pocket sized treats were absolutely delicious and the perfect way to top off my meals.

But wait! A trip to Juice Hugger cannot be fully complete without talking about their organic juices! There were many options to chose from, but I went for the Juicy Greens. This drink was filled with natural ingredients and pure energy. The kale, spinach, celery, apple, and lemon ingredients were a delightful mix that paired perfectly with the each of my meals.

In addition to the scrumptious and healthy food selections, one of the aspects that I really appreciated during my experience at Juice Hugger was the kind staff. I had so many questions about healthy living habits, juicing, and food ingredients. The team at Juice Hugger took the time and patience to answer all of my questions and made sure I left the cafe with more knowledge than I had upon entering. I thank Juice Hugger for not only a wonderful meal, but also for an educational experience.

Juice Hugger: YouGottaEatThis!

Juice Hugger’s location: 85 Rogers Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11216

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Vegan Chili

Gluten Free Coconut Almond Macaroon, Oatmeal Raisin Drop, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Drop

Juicy Greens!