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SOCO Red Velvet-y Waffles

SOCO Red Velvet-y Waffles

Mmmm mmm goooooood.  Red Velvet waffles melt in your mouth, not in your hands.  (I love corny sayings like that, cringe-worthy every time).

SOCO is a hot spot in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill, Brooklyn NY.  A buzzing night life scene filled with WOMEN.  Now this is great if you’re a lesbian or a man.  Not so much for me.  Yeah, yeah I was on a date when I went but eye-candy is always welcomed.

So.  I heard all about this red velvet waffle with fried chicken combo.  Sexy.

Red Velv Waffles 2

They did a good job of making it taste exactly like what you’d think red velvet cake-turned-waffle should taste like. Soft with a little crunch, the waffles complemented the fried chicken nicely.  If my writing doesn’t convey over the top excitement, it’s more so that a few brownie points were lost because the crowd was so darn loud I couldn’t taste my food the way I wanted! Horrible, horrible date spot.  Great to bring some friends and eat relatively inexpensively before you get it in for the night.

The jambalya was very well seasoned and enjoyable EXCEPT I swear they made it out of Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco treat.  Something about the flavor, consistency and size of the grains truly mirrored our boxed rice friend.




The SOCO experience was like nightclub meets IHOP meets better food than IHOP makes meets beautiful urban crowd doin’ the darn thang.  I’ll be back! (with my homegirls)

Caio for now.




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