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The Attic Has the Best Bloody Marys Around, Hands Down

The Attic Has the Best Bloody Marys Around, Hands Down

The only way Bloody Marys could be better is if one actually appeared after saying “Bloody Mary” several times while looking in a mirror. Unfortunately that isn’t the world we live in, but we do live in a world where The Attic exists.

My friend and I strolled in there one sunny afternoon for a mid-day snack and were elated to discover that you could create your own Bloody Marys. After much debate and caucusing we created the masterpieces you see here and aptly named them Paul Bunyan and The Bleu Ox. Paul is made with bacon-infused vodka and on top all your normal Mary accoutrements has Slim Jim-stuffed olives, salami, meatballs, candied bacon, a short rib, and a pulled pork slider. His faithful companion has bleu cheese-stuffed olives, a baby back rib, and a Bavik Pilsner backer.

Upon seeing our brain children delivered to us, we both shed a single tear of parental joy and agreed that they were our greatest accomplishments in our lives thus far. Then we drank/ate them. Oh. So. Good.

The Attic, 3441 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803, 562.433.0153

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