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Core Vodka: An Apple Of A Different Spirit

Core Vodka: An Apple Of A Different Spirit


Located in Upstate New York deep in the heart of the Hudson Valley, Harvest Spirits Farm Distillery is a family operated spirit business that also owns an apple farm known for Fall apple picking, in-house organic apple cider, local organic honey and baked products. In 2007, founder Derek Grout turned the farm’s storage room into a distillery where he soon started the production of Core Vodka, a crisp and clean 40% ABV vodka distilled three times from hard apple cider. Minimally filtered and perfect for cocktails and mixed drinks, this passionately hand crafted spirit is also great for sipping on the rocks. Within a short two year span, Core became the winner of the New York Spirits Award and took it’s place among Harvest Spirits’ most prized offerings.


Photo credit: Tischen Franklin

Photo credit: Tischen Franklin

Harvest Spirits has developed a full line of fruit based spirits that includes Cornelius AppleJack, a brandy made from their own apples that is aged for two years in retired bourbon barrels before bottling. The Cornelius line also consists of Peach and Cherry. Rare Pear, made with a blend of Bartlet and Bosc pears, rounds out their flavored brandy selection. In addition to brandies, Harvest Spirits produces Black Raspberry Core Vodka. This vodka uses Core apple vodka as the base in which they macerate black raspberries, distill, then add a shot of black raspberry juice.

All of Harvest Distilleries spirits are made in small batches and each label is hand numbered with the batch and bottle number.  Core spirits are available on line at  or at specialized wine and spirits stores.


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