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Hypebeerst: Beers To Try Before Summer Is Gone

Hypebeerst: Beers To Try Before Summer Is Gone

Southern Tier Compass

I picked up Compass on a random trip to one of my bottle shops when I was in the mood to try something random. Seeing rose hips on the label piqued my interest, I can’t recall ever drinking something brewed specifically with flowers. Compass is an Imperial Sparkling Ale that is bottle conditioned which raises the ABV and adds to carbonation; this combination brings this brew to drink like a champagne or dry sparkling wine.

I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor profile and how clearly the rose hip comes through. in addition to the floral profile, I tasted tropical fruits that meshed extremely well. Southern Tier says to serve this one cold (42º F), however I let this one warm up just a little and it seemed to release some of the flavors that were more faint. Also, Compass is a solid candidate for aging, think about putting this one away for a quiet night when you’re looking to impress (read: trying to cut) a jawn with something le fanci. Heauxs love experiencing new things.



Hypebeerst - Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy - Thomas A. Wilson editorial photographer


Southern Tier Brewing Company

Type: Bottle Conditioned Sparkling Ale

ABV: 6 %

Availability: Summer




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