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Hypebeerst: Beers To Try Before Summer Is Gone

Hypebeerst: Beers To Try Before Summer Is Gone

21st Amendment Hell Or High Watermelon

Hell Or High Watermelon is another of those guilty pleasures of mine when it comes to beer snobbery. My motto is buy some beer, drink that shxt; I could give two fvcks less about what a snob thinks about what or how we drink! 21st Amendment has crept into my list of favorite breweries and HOHW is a great seasonal that uses pure watermelon in the brewing process.

It’s an American Wheat Ale, similar to RJ Rockers Son Of A Peach that I talked about in the last Hypebeerst post. Where 21st Amendment takes steps beyond RJ Rockers is in the balance between the foundation beer (wheat ale) and the flavor of the flavoring ingredient (watermelon). Watermelon isn’t a very strong flavored fruit to begin with, so don’t expect a candy like burst of sugar to hit your mouth (pause) when you crack your first can.



Hypebeerst - Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy - Thomas A. Wilson editorial photographer


21st Amendment Brewery

Type: American Wheat Ale

ABV: 4.9 %

Availability: April – September




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