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Hypebeerst: Battle Of The Peach

Hypebeerst: Battle Of The Peach

RJ Rockers – Son Of A Peach

RJ Rockers Son Of A Peach Ale

RJ Rockers Brewing Company

Type: Unfiltered American Wheat Ale

ABV: 6 %

RJ Rockers is probably the best positioned of these three breweries to put out a dope product. South Carolina is one of if not the largest provider of peaches to most of the continental US. What disappoints me is the RJ Rocker cop out of playing it safe with a wheat ale. If “wheat ale” sounds familiar to you and you don’t have a ton of brews under your belt, it’s probably because Blue Moon is one of the most popular and widely distributed wheat ales. Where Blue Moon leans on orange peel and zest for the trademark flavor, RJ Rockers infuses peaches in their brew to provide a solid, yet mellow peach flavor.

In my hunting, I haven’t identified whether they use concentrate, juice, puree or chopped peaches, but there’s no mistaking that signature sweet, musky taste. The strongest characteristic of this brew is definitely the aroma though. Though it’s the hoppiest (normal beer taste) of these three, Son Of A Peach is a bit too tame for me to give it a true Oh Shxt! stamp of approval; it doesn’t differentiate itself from the “Blue Moon with peaches” stigma I immediately attached to it at first sip.

The Verdict:

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I fux widdit. Shxt is tasty. It isn’t overly sweet or “peach cider not beer” like, which is something that can easily happen with this type of undertaking. It is a novelty beer that does what it sets out to do and deserves kudos for that. I’m not sure if you’ll see me with a Son Of A Peach in my hand from my purchase ever again, but I wouldn’t deter anyone else from trying it. I think my palette has just evolved past this type of beer, I catch myself expecting too much! It’s a dope choice for those not heavily into craft beer and even better for the ladies in the place with style and grace; I see some ladies tonight that should be drinkin’ with….  Ok, that was lame.

Availability: Releases in mid-to-late Spring

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