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Abita Purple Haze


Abita Purple Haze is definitely in my top three favorite beers. I’ve talked about this beer briefly in another post but for those who don’t know much about it, let me school you 🙂

Purple Haze is a lager brewed with real raspberries added after the filtration. It’s brewed with wheat malts, pilsner, and Vanguard hops. The beer pours with a light golden color with just the barest hint of pink. Some folks can smell the berries but I don’t particularly smell berries, just a fruity aroma. It’s very light in body and flavor – This is a plus for those who aren’t big beer drinkers.

The Abita website says this beer is best served with salads or light fruit desserts even chocolate desserts. Certain cheeses such as ripened Brie or any dessert made with mascarpone works great also. I personally can drink it alone or with any type of food. I had a Texas Haze which is a beerita type drink and had a tilapia with it – Tasted pretty good.

Not too many places have this beer but I know for sure you can get it at Specs and HEB sells it in a multi-pack. Check it out and let us know how ya like it.

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