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Sometimes You Just Need A Good Vortex Burger

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It was a cold, bleak and rainy Saturday in Atlanta. It had been raining here quite a bit lately but I was adamant that myself, a good friend, and my sister would make the trip to the city to spend some well needed quality time. My friend had been promising to visit for the better half of a year and had finally made it to the Peach State. The poor weather diminished our options but this is Atlanta—there was still plenty for us to do. I’m an avid basketball fan but that was out of the question, the Hawks were playing at Madison Square Garden not Philips Arena that night. The CNN center, nah. The Bodies Exhibit—they had already been in New York City. The World of Coca Cola, boo, too overdone and boring. After suggesting we go to Fernback all parties agreed and my inner nerd was excited for a laid-back day of science and dinosaurs. We soaked up some culture at Fernback and while doing so the ladies and I worked up an appetite—deciding we would venture to The Vortex Bar and Grill for an early dinner.

The restaurant, a Little Five Points hot-spot is widely known to be the crème de la crème of burger joints in the city. You walk into the small establishment and are immediately taken aback by the sensory overload—waitresses donning all black everything, a skeleton riding a toy-like bike seeming to be a Harley Davidson, signs, pictures, more signs, more pictures— it’s a hoarder’s dream but somehow the decor works—going along well with the I don’t care what you think vibe.

At the front of the four paged well thought-out cheeky menu there’s a warning to customers that reads, “everything we offer at The Vortex is bad for you. We are the kind of place that your mamma warned you about. We char-grill the Best Damn Burgers in Atlanta…..” The menu boasts a variety of quintessential selection of bar foods: wings, sandwiches, burgers, chili, salads, the works. Before I sat down to eat I knew I wanted to have a burger and a delicious one I had.

All burgers are 8 ounces, a hearty serving fit for feeding two people but like a “G” I finished the meal in one sitting. I opted for the Coronary Bypass (a half-pound sirloin patty topped with fried egg, three slices of American cheese and four delicious slices of bacon). I had never had egg on a burger. I hoped the egg would pair well with the burger and surprisingly it did. The combination of everything,  especially the bacon all made for a recipe success—but then again what doesn’t pair well with bacon. My burger was made well-done just the way I like it. The juices and flavors were on point and my side of tater-tots added balance—a crunchy contrast to my succulent and juicy sandwich. The meal didn’t disappoint it surpassed all expectations. It was bar food finely executed and superbly done. Set aside the calorie count on this meal—the name is certainly fitting—Coronary Bypass. Say it slow, that’s the rate at which it will leave the body but that’s a different conversation. I left stuffed and satisfied. If you live in Atlanta or plan on visiting be sure to stop by the Vortex and have a try of the heart-attack promise of a burger—just don’t eat it too often, you’ll be tempted to, it’s that good!

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