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Author: YouGottaEatThis!

District 7 Grill Paella Perfection

On my second trip to District 7 Grill, I tried the paella because I saw it on the chalk board specials, and I love me some paella when its right . This was so right! It was the best paella I’ve ever eaten. This dish was made with fresh mussels, scallops, clams, and succulent jumbo shrimp. There weren’t one or two little salad shrimp, but these big boys were tossed generously throughout the golden buttery rice. Then they added moist grilled chicken and a house made boar chorizo! The chorizo added the right layer of gamey spice to make...

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Lomito a Caballo from Argentina Cafe

I was born in Argentina and truly love the food from my country. Most Argentinian joints in Houston can be a bit pricey. When I saw the menu and the prices for the Argentina Cafe, I was a bit shocked at how affordable it was. My husband and I both ordered Lomito a Caballo (above) which is basically Filet Mignon with two fried eggs on top and fries (substitute the fries for the house salad or an Argentinian salad). Saying the meat was juicy is an understatement. It was truly one of the best pieces of meat I’ve had...

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[Product Review] Above The Coals BBQ – Signature Classic Dry Rub

If y’all haven’t noticed from my Instagram timeline, I love to grill! Luckily for me, I received a small package filled with samples today from Above The Coals BBQ. I must say, it was a tough choice to choose which one I wanted to try. I had to take into consideration, who I was feeding. Some of my family members aren’t into spicy foods like I am, so I played it safe with the Signature Classic. Rich in color with a robust aroma of smoked paprika and other spices, the dry rub reminded me of beef jerky. I allowed...

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Happy Hour at Kata Robata

Happy hour, who doesn’t like it?  It’s 5 PM somewhere in the world right?  Well at Kata Robata happy hour is a great experience for foodies and adult beverage lovers alike.  They’re along the lines of a classy Japanese restaurant that has an infusion of different cultures. They have a great atmosphere for your daily happy hour or even a intimate date with your special someone. During our happy hour excursion Kobe beef tacos and Kimchi Chicken Karaage were a couple of snacks they had on the menu with a nice array of refreshing drinks along with sake specials...

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Fat Bao: Houston, TX

Written and Reviewed By: DJ Tito Every once in a while you come across something in your life that you would refer to as a “game changer”. Now this is not an everyday occurrence nor is it Haley’s comet rare, but when it happens you are fully aware of it. Allow me to tell you about one of my “game changer” moments. Living in Houston I am fortunate enough to be in what we consider the food capital of the USA. Houston has so many diverse and unique restaurants, even more so with food trucks that sometimes we get...

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