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Author: WardHavMercy

The GREEDY BUZZARD: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

To kick off my first review, what better town to start in other than my birth place, good old BROOKLYN NY. Armed with an appetite, I headed down to Dinosaur Bar-B-Que located at 604 union St, Brooklyn NY (Btwn 3rd & 4th Ave) in the Park Slope section. Regardless of the surroundings on the block, I was instantly taken to another place. I was delighted to see I could enjoy my meal outside, but just my luck there was a 30 minute wait so I took my hunger pains inside. The minute that I walked in, I was greeted...

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THE GREEDY BUZZARD: “Eat well but stay hungry!”

Salutations! My name is Wardhav Mercy. One part evil genius, two parts sneaker lover, but 100% GREEDY BUZZARD! When I’m not arguing with the meter maid about how I didn’t deserve yet another parking ticket, I’m soaring high above the city looking for another new restaurant to swoop down on to feed my belly! Who doesn’t love food? I feel that we all have a little Greedy Buzzard in all of us. So to help you out with the hunt to feed your appetite I will be comprising reviews of any and all eateries I visit during my travels,...

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