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Author: ThomasAWilson

The Stevie – Handsome Biscuit

  Sometimes we experiment in the kitchen and the results are fvckin amazing. What if every time you chef’d up something new, you ended up blowing minds? David Hausmann of Norfolk, VA’s Handsome Biscuit is close. His homemade sweet potato biscuits paired with toppings that would make even the surliest summabish blush are the talk of the town. From Handsome Biscuit’s website: “We make sweet potato biscuits and then put stuff in between them”. ‘Nuff said. Their menu reads as a who’s who list of “I gotta buy this shxt RAHT NAH!” proportions: Shorty Over Easy Egg & Cheese...

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Gourmet White Pizza from Heavens Pizza and Tap House

I was probably a Ninja Turtle in my former life. No shxt. I’ve probably eaten more pizza than a mall employee has listened to shxtty top 40 music. Probably qualifies me to speak on pizza and its many iterations, but who cares right? If you never listen to anything else I write for YouGottaEatThis, trust me on this: Heavens Pizza & Tap House has the best white pizza I’ve ever had. I’ve traveled to NYC, FL, TX, LA, Vegas, ATL, the Carolinas, DC, Detroit, Chicago and the list continues, but the Gourmet white pizza from Heavens is in the...

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Beer Pairing: Atlantic Deep Sea Red Crab

Summer is in full swing and nothing screams beach time like beer, seafood and bikinis!  No chance I squeeze this sexy body into a ‘kini anytime EVER, so I think a beer pairing and review is a fair consolation, am I right? You’re still reading though, so stop cryin’ and get the skinny after the jump. Get it? Bikini? Skinny? BOOM! Crustaceans are a very delicate food canvas, easily overpowered and not overly rich or strong in flavor. When pairing these spiny bastards with bad attitudes up with brew, it really depends on the preparation of the dish. Generally...

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Cheesesteak Wontons

What’s up everybody, I just wanted to introduce myself to you all as a new contributor to the YGET crew. I’m a southern fat boy at heart (and in stature, although channeling my inner Lance Armstrong is helping cut the bullshxt) & have tons of crazy food and beer info for y’all. First up is the recipe that caught the YGET staff’s attention: Cheesesteak Wontons. Who doesn’t love a good cheesesteak? Exploring the Asian American fusion cuisine scene, I figured to try my hand at combining an american staple and chinese carryout mainstay that was big on flavor but...

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