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Author: ThomasAWilson

Hypebeerst: The Pumpkin Beer Summoning

Another fast approaching October means a shxt ton of Oktoberfest and pumpkin beer. I personally think pumpkin is a great ingredient to base a special beer around and taking into consideration how many there are out in the wild, brewers must love pumpkin too. I don’t have access to every pumpkin ale, stout, porter or lager out there, but I tried to grab a fair representation of some of the more popular brews as well as a few local craft beers (drink local ya bish) to help you find your way through the crowd. Some of our readers on...

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Hypebeerst: Beers To Try Before Summer Is Gone

It’s hard to believe Summer is almost over… September is right around the corner and football is upon us! Before you go apeshxt over having your beloved back, take advantage of the last few days that some pretty fvckin’ awesome brews are available. These 5 beers to try are usually only available through the warmer calendar months, but you can stock up and enjoy them in the expected unseasonably warm fall months we’ve been putting up with:   Next Page >   Southern Tier Hop Sun Hop Sun is an American Wheat Ale that packs a bit of a...

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This Dog’s Got Bite – The Barking Dog

Hampton, VA’s The Barking Dog may have just opened 2 months ago, but the food tastes like these recipes have been around for decades; this hot dog haven is having no problem learning new tricks that are keeping the local residents howling for more. Located off of one of the main fishery marinas in downtown Hampton, TBD features an expansive menu of both dog-lover fanfare as well as unique seafood staples, re-imagined for the more sophisticated palette while offering amazingly reasonable prices. Owner Gary McIntyre opened this new eatery in a section of the city that has seen multiple...

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Hypebeerst: Battle Of The Peach

I love how craft beer brewing is an art. No matter what you THINK you know about “constants” and expectations, craft brewers aren’t stuck to a specific set of rules for what they brew and how they brew it. I happened upon a great example of this in the usage of fruit in beers, with peaches being a sort of widely used ingredient when breweries take to fruits. Picking out three readily available brews from the same general geographic region, this grouping pits (Puns. Because fvck you, that’s why!) three well known breweries against each other to show that...

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Gettin’ High In VA – Elevation Burger

I’ve been spending quite a bit more time in the Washington, D.C. area lately and I’m getting acquainted with the food scene little by little. While I’m definitely not bout that fast food shxt, I can’t dismiss the importance of a good burger. You can keep that McWhoppenator bullshxt, show me the good shxt; i’m talkin’ bout the grass-fed, burger-got-a-halo, fvck-a-ketchup good shxt. Without going that full blown restaurant route, Elevation Burger is ’bout that burger life without that $12 price tag. Their company tagline states: “Ingredients Matter.” Elevation Burger, opened in 2005 by Hans and April Hess in...

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