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Author: ThomasAWilson

Sweet Chick in Brooklyn Is Hatching A Winner

  We know Williamsburg has become the epicenter of all things hipster in NY, but you’ve got to give credit where it’s due. Sweet Chick Brooklyn has taken an often tried dish with tons of hype surrounding it and made it worth the attention; their claim to fame is a pairing of homestyle fried chicken and a variety of waffles that is bringing customers in from across the country! They’re no one trick pony however, with a menu that has something for every type of eater in these streets. Sweet Chick has become a spot that quite a few...

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Thoughts For Food – Sean Price

We’ve started a new series for you guys that’s going to bring you closer to some friends, associates and partners of ours. Take a listen as we ask the questions you’ve wondered about celeb eating habits! First up we have rapper Sean Price, the hilarious big time rapper with a flow that’s phenomenal, off the chain. But really… take off your chain. P! talks eating kangaroo, food’s place in his life and why the hair on Chinese takeout chicken wings is a delicacy. You don’t wanna miss...

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ReGrained Granola Bars – Go Green… With Beer

  ReGrained is a California based company that creates some amazingly delicious granola bars from the “spent grain” that is a byproduct of brewing beer. Craft beer uses malts, barley, wheat and other grains to start the brewing process and is fully usable after these grains have been boiled to add sugars to beer bases. Many breweries toss out the grain, donate it to farmers to feed their livestock or who knows what else. ReGrained steps in to create a usable solution to multiple problems both breweries and everyday people face: waste and hunger. I talked with Dan and...

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