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Author: ThomasAWilson

Our New Too Late Shirts Are On Sale!

How many times have you been eating with your woes when you feel the ENERGY of someone staring a hole in either your face or your plate, subliminally begging for a bite? This LEGEND of a premium ringspun shirt in Men’s and Women’s sizes is for those of you that KNOW YOURSELF and won’t share your chicken & waffles both NOW & FOREVER. There AIN’T NO TELLIN how long we’ll have these available so support YGET and cop yours today!  ...

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YGET F.R.E.A.M. Shirts Now Available!

You Gotta Eat This! is giving the greatest audience in the history of the innanetz a chance to own a piece of the brand with our F.R.E.A.M. shirts, the first of our apparel offerings. In homage to some of our favorite influences, we’ve created these shirts for you to let everyone know just how serious this food thing is to us. I mean look around, we with the sh*ts! #YouGottaEatThis is giving you guys, the greatest audience in the history of the internet, a chance to show us how much you fux with us! Hit up or click the link...

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Xyience Xenergy Drinks Are An Experiment Gone Right

As if being the official drink of the UFC wasn’t enough, Xyience has expanded their product line and made their delicious (and much more healthy) zero-calorie performance energy drinks more widely available. Get more info and see if they pass the taste test after the jump! The guys over at Xyience dropped us some cans to try out and with as much energy as it takes to get these things shot, edited and written up, it was a great chance to see if they really work as advertised or if they’re just another fad product. The short of it:...

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Steve Martorano Brings Italian-American Cuisine To The Small Screen

  Chef Steve Martorano has recently launched his second season of the “Martorano: The Italian-American Cook” web series for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL. Platforming from the success of season one, Martorano features the namesake chef “preparing the classic South Philly Italian-American dishes that were a part of his childhood.” More after the jump! With dishes available at Martorano’s Italian-American Kitchen like macaroni carbonana and stuffed mozzarella with broccoli rabe, its hard to imagine not being completely engrossed in these new 8 episodes. Each is cut at just the right length with all the necessary...

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Talking Edibles: A 420 Interview With The Josh Craig

This piece comes to us by way of photographer and filmmaker Sums, whom sits down with his neighborhood expert to talk edibles, cooking and more. Thanks for the submission Sums! We at want to wish you all a happy and safe 420 holiday! Enjoy responsibly. – T [nggallery id=3] It’s April again and flowers are budding, florists are flourishing and most importantly, 420 is here! So how else can you enjoy the flowers when simply smelling them gets old? Eat them! I spoke with my friendly neighborhood expert, The Josh Craig, to get a sweet insight on 420-friendly...

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