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Author: Ray P

How To Get FREE Chipotle

You love free, right? And you love Chipotle, right? Well, today is your lucky day. YGET is blessing you with an opportunity to get FREE Chipotle within a matter of seconds. Whether you prefer tacos, burritos, or burrito bowls, all you have to do to receive one of those items free is fill out this survey sponsored by Chipotle. The best part is even if you answer all of the questions wrong, you’ll still receive the coupon! How dope is that? Enjoy your meal and share this with a friend! This promotion is only while supplies last and coupons...

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Interview: The Chef Raekwon Has Food Advice For Hip Hop Culture & Talks New F.I.L.A Album

20 years after releasing Only Built 4 Cuban Linx and several iconic Wu-Tang records, Raekwon proves he’s still got it. Recently, YGET caught up with The Chef during a unique collaboration with another internationally known Chef – Rachael Ray to eat some grub, talk about his new album F.I.L.A, and watch him spit his fly raps on stage. RP: As a native New Yorker, I’ve gotta say that performance was incredible man. You had Rachael Ray dancing front row, everyone rapping along with you, and despite having lost your voice you still killed it! Raekwon: Appreciate that! My voice never ever ever ever sounds this bad.  RP:  I grew up in the Bronx always eating at the Chinese spot if my Mom wasn’t cooking her arroz con gandules. If your parents weren’t cooking at home, what spots did you frequent? Raekwon: We ate a lot of pizza, chinese food, chicken wings and fried rice. My mom was actually a cook. She would make food for the whole neighborhood. That’s how I grew up. RP: True New Yorker. Now, Styles P has a juice bar, Bun B has a food blog, and you collabed with Rachael Ray for a SXSW Showcase. It’s apparent Hip Hop culture and Food Culture have successfully collided. Do you think that you all can influence our Hip Hop culture to be more aware of what we consume? Raekwon: Most definitely. It’s...

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Table For Two: Kool-Aid By The Jar – Food From The Soul At M&M’s

We’re back for more fixins. It’s Ray P and Bee scrapping plates all the way from Vegas. If you missed our first entry of “Table For Two” pause for a second and ketchup… Read here. If you’ve been rocking with us we have a really good column for you today. M&M Soul Food Panorama Shopping Center 3923 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 453-7685 First off, any spot serving Kool-Aid by the jar is a must… unless you’re the bouchey type to drink with your pinky sticking out. Luckily, you’re just like us. Aside from the authentic Kool-Aid,...

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Table For Two: Meeting of the Bellies at SkinnyFats

  What’s up Food Lovers? I’m brand new to the food blog game, but I’ve been scrapin’ plates since I was a baby. Welcome to my new column entitled #TableForTwo. After a brief intro we’ll get to the real reason why you’re here. Food! My name is Ray P – I’m a Dominican born and raised in the Bronx, New York. With that being said my palette for food wasn’t very broad at all. If it wasn’t Spanish food, Italian, Kennedy Fried Chicken, or Golden Krust I didn’t really really mess with it. That all changed once I met...

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