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Author: Jenny Juice

Highlands DC and #TasteGoodDC: A Delicious Combination

  When you walk into Highlands you immediately feel at home. You see everyone smiling and hanging out with their friends while the delicious smells from the kitchen make you hurry towards finding a table and more importantly a menu. I found out about this neighborhood treasure from #TasteGoodDC, a movement founded by Lamine Ndour. #TasteGoodDC is a “declaration for anything of quality, it can be anything from what you eat to the brush you use. The mission comes from a notion I had to encourage people to step away from ordinary things,” describes Lamine. To spread their positive...

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10 Secret Restaurants That Are Actually Worth Getting Into

There is always something appealing about a place that isn’t easy to access especially when it comes to great food. Restaurants nation wide are starting to swerve away from the traditional dining experience by creating secret utopias. From restaurants secretly located beneath malls to knowing the key words to unlock secret menus, the team over at “First We Feast” has compiled an extraordinary list of secret restaurants that are revolutionizing the way that we dine. Take a look at First We Feast’s 10 favorite secret restaurants by clicking...

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I Quit Being a Vegetarian for This!

  So I have a confession, I broke my vegetarian streak in Portland, Oregon… Oh the Irony. I finally visit the one place where vegetarians are superstars, hometown heroes, and where food products are all organic everything. BUT it was time to move onto the next chapter. I consciously made the decision that Portland’s food scene was more than worthy of introducing me back into the world of meat. For my first non-vegetarian meal I had to make sure it was something extremely tasty, but as an ode to Portland, I also had to make sure it was environmentally...

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Chef Aleem: The Genius Behind 2 Chainz #MEALTIME Cookbook

  It’s always a dream come true when we find a way to combine our passions. This is exactly what Chef Aleem has been able to accomplish with food and music. Through hard work, perseverance, and positive energy, Chef Aleem is on his way to becoming a legend. With humble beginnings as a Washington D.C. native, Aleem has worked his way to becoming a well-respected celebrity chef. Now working with 2 Chainz, Chef Aleem has solidified himself as a household name in the music and culinary industries. For his most recent project, Chef Aleem has teamed up with 2...

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5 days of Brain Food Bars

  I spent this past summer in NYC and it was absolutely amazing! I explored every part of the city, went to dozens of concerts, ate some great food, and learned a lot in the process. However, one of the things that is missing from this list…is exercise… With my busy schedule this summer, exercising unfortunately took a back seat. When my time in NYC finally came to an end, the first thing on my list was to start getting back in shape. To accomplish this goal, I needed the perfect sustenance to eat before beginning my exercise adventures. I...

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