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Author: Eyepissglitter

Logan’s Slabs and Salmon on the Side. Gravy Included.

The Feast: Salmon x Half Slab of Ribs x Mashed Potatoes The Location: Logan’s Roadhouse (Huntsville, Alabama) The Beverage: Mango Rum Punch Not only were we good and hungry but the food was delicious. The purpose of this adventure was to get some finger licking barbecue. But after starvation for about a two hours it was time to say no Cheddar’s this time but let’s find something new. It wasn’t new but it’s one of my favorite restaurants; Logan’s. Walking in you’ll be greeted by peanut shells on the floor from patrons at the tables. My focus was the...

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To Mexico We Go, For An Authentic Chimichanga.

The Feast: Chicken Chimichanga The Location: Playa del Carmen, Mexico The Beverage: (3) Peach Margarita It was all of that and some more! From the crispness of the shell to the cheese it was everything I thought it would be.  Accompanying a fresh portion of rice and beans was a tortilla shell with salsa.  The setting was so nice as well! The best part was that I was actually in Mexico so I could say I had the best chimichanga ever! After eating a great authentic  Mexican meal, it’s going to be hard to eat it anywhere else. The guacamole added...

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Eating by the Sea. Seafood City That Is.

The Feast: Crab legs x Fried Shrimp x French Fries The Location: City Island, New York x Seafood City The Beverage: Shark Bite This is the ultimate place to go with your friends especially when it’s nice outside. A great breeze, the sunlight and water, what more could you ask for? Food of course! On this specific day, I was starving. I decided to treat myself to a feat of seafood.  The crab legs were a must have. Not only are they boiled but also fried with a great, flavorful coating.  The shrimp adds delight because if you weren’t...

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