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Author: Eyepissglitter

Cupcakes In The Desert Make For a Good Pre-Dinner.

I never did really get on the cupcake shop bandwagon, but I must say after visiting Sprinkles Cupcakes in Scottsdale, Arizona I am now a fan! Not only was the weather beautiful (desert heat), the sun shining and the feeling great but the additional of a dessert before a big dinner was the ultimate satisfaction. As a “Country” New Yorker I am huge fan of The Yankees. To make my cupcake extra special I asked for the Yankees decal and it was delicious as well. But what kind of cupcake did I decide on you may ask? Well, of...

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The Best Barbecue In the Nashville Maybe in the Airport.

The Feast: Pork BBQ Sandwich The Restaurant: Whitt’s Barbecue The Location: Nashville International Airport (Nashville, TN) Whitt’s Barbecue holds a special place in my heart. As alumni of Riverdale High School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Whitt’s Barbecue was apart of my everyday lunch time. Yes, we actually had the regular school lunch, but we also had Pizza Hut and my favorite Whitt’s Barbecue. Let’s fast forward to my latest trip to Tennessee. Just before leaving the Bonnaroo Music Festival, I remembered I didn’t have any barbecue the entire time I was down there. Sad thing was I didn’t remember until...

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The Ultimate Brunch at at Chocolat.

The Feast: Chicken & French Toast The Beverage: Unlimited Mimosas The Restaurant: Chocolat The Location: Harlem, USA This marked the ultimate Ladies Day, filled with the Ultimate Brunch! The first time I went to Chocolat I was invited by my cousin. A few people told me the food is so good that you wouldn’t mind the time it takes to get your food. At first I was worried because I’m all about good service, but I thought if the food is good, maybe there’s a balance:) The first thing I ordered/signed up for was the unlimited mimosas. Yes, indeed...

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Little Havana & The Tales of The Ox Tail Stew

The Feast: Ox Tail Stew x Spinach & Goat Cheese Empandas The Beverage: The Amazing Partida Margarita The Restaurant: Havana Central The Location: Yonkers, NY I’m such a fan of Spanish food and a huge enthusiast of gravy. So when it was a plan to go to Havana Central for delicious empanadas I was very excited because I knew what I wanted to order as an entree. So, let’s start with the appetizer. The spinach and goat cheese empanadas were filled with tantilizing cheese and the spinach made up for me not eating my vegetables for the day. As I sipped my partida margarita which was amazing (pun intended) I thought of the heavy gravy that would be in front of me next. The Ox Tail Stew…it’s my favorite dish at various Caribbean restaurants, but this time it was so right! And when I say right I mean the gravy was well seasoned, so was the oxtail itself. I left full and happy, not to mention the proportions were perfect. Not too much and not too little. Make this one of your definite stops!  ...

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Picklebacks & Goose Filled Doughnuts at Do or Dine

The Restaurant: Do or Dine The Location: Brooklyn, NY The Feast: Chicken The Beverage: The Spherickle Back (Dickel Whiskey) Talk about a nice time, says friend that doesn’t go on dates often. But let’s stay on topic! Do or Dine will be added to my list of places you MUST dine. The menu itself just makes you want to order everything and they even offer frog legs! Yes, I’m a little country and found that to be quite exciting. But I didn’t have the frog legs. When dining at new places I also like to try things I’ve never...

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