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Author: Ali Khan

Sandwich Spotting Los Angeles ~ The Carne Asada y Chorizo at La Torta Loca DTLA

  Calling a torta a “Mexican version of a sandwich” is akin to calling Mexican food “anything with salsa on it”; there is just so much to the stuff. Four kinds of bread come into play, there is a wet version that looks like a Chicago classic Italian Beef sandwich dunked in Cincinnati style Chili, and an origin story that ties into one of the greatest artists and inventors of the Western World: Leonardo DaVinci. Most importantly there are tons of amazing tortas in Los Angeles. The diversity that is capable in this sandwich medium, coupled with a friendly...

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Sandwich Spotting Los Angeles ~ the #2 @ Panini Stop DTLA

“I am starving” – some vegan waiting in line at Panini Stop Yes, sweet 20 something downtown hipster vegan, truer words have not been spoken. This was what I overheard while waiting in line at Panini Stop, a vegetarian lunch time oasis and the latest of downtown’s edible offerings. For the record I think Vegans or any polarizing eater is the Taliban coming home to roost, armed with fork and knife. Typically I walk right passed these “produce stands” passing themselves off as restaurants; if I wanted salad I would have just stayed at home. But like all hungry creatures...

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Sandwich Spotting Los Angeles ~ the #1 Slow Cooked Brisket sandwich @ Tamarind Ave Deli

A certain truth the avid sandwich seeker quickly encounters on their roam through Los Angeles is an inferiority complex placed upon our delis by homesick East Coast transplants. As a result, one encounters the term “East Coast style deli” as some sort of gold standard. While I cannot argue the fact that Boar’s Head Capicola seems to pop up in frequency as often as tap water back East, LA arguably has the widest variety of sandwiches, an impeccable deli pedigree and frankly, we don’t need your stinking East Coast Deli badges. Now that I have gotten my pro LA Sandwich...

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Sandwich Spotting Los Angeles ~ “the sandwich” @ Roma Market Italian Deli

Every now and then, the internet spreads the gourmand’s gospel, preaching about the find of finds: a true Italian’s deli, boasting only one item on the menu, “the sandwich”, made by a Sicilian antipasti artisan. Cue the foodie spotlight and suddenly the once quiet little deli in a suburban corner of Los Angeles is on the map for the throngs of the charcuterie obsessed. All these chowhounds and yelpers have left their foot print; “the sandwich” made by the legendary Rosario(more on him below), pre makes his cold cut masterpiece. Thankfully, this salty work of art is as good...

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Sandwich Spotting Los Angeles ~ the Gogi Hoagie @ the sandwich shop dtla

For decades, the Los Angeles sandwich scene has been dominated by legendary Jewish Delicatessens like Langers, genre inventing establishments like Philippes home of the French Dip, and the “expect wait at least an hour for your Godmother” aka Bay Cities Italian Deli. Today there is something of a refined carb renaissance thanks to the waining of the Atkins diet craze and the rise of Top Chefs like Michael Voltaggio entering the sammie game. Which brings us to the Sandwich spotting of the day: The Sandwich Shop in downtown, and their house signature sandwich, the Gogi Hoagie. What seems initially...

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